The Library possesses large number of books with different titles journals, periodicals and local and national newspapers

The library system supports the teaching and research programmes of the institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information consistent with the current and the proposed educational and research projects of the institute. The library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty and the student community of the institute and to serve as a resource centre for the scholars and scientific community of the neighbouring areas


IT education is an integral part of curriculum now a days. We are well aware of this. So the Institute has the most modern computer centre with sufficient number of computers and ample internet facilities.


The trust has been extending transportation facility to the students admitted in various institutions under it. At present there are eight buses and one Cruiser Van plying in between Kannur, and the campus through straight and connecting roads. the buses are managed directly by the Trust through the administrator. There are nine drivers and other supporting staff. Each bus is supervised by a committee consisting of students & Faculty and headed by a nodal officer who is one of the teaching staff in the respective institutions.


A well stocked students store is set up in the Administrative Block of Hira Charitable Trust. All the articles necessary for academic work are available in the store. The Trust is Planning to convert the same into a stationary cum students store by showcasing articles necessary for the Hostel inmates also.


The Trust is extending Hostel facilities to staff and male and female students. Men's Hostel is now housed in a rented building adjacent to the college campus which can accommodate nearly 30 students. Women's Hostel is housed in the Mayyil town in a rented building which has the capacity to accommodate around 60 students. These hostels are taken care of by hostel deputy wardens. Students are found satisfied with the facilities offered in these Hostels.


To meet the typing, printing and other such requirements of MBA students as well as under graduate students, the Trust has set up a reprographic centre in the administrative block of the Trust. The centre is up the works related to the project work of the MBA, BBA, M.com and other students. Photo copying machine is also attached with the reprographic centre and hence students find it economical to generate print and photo copying of project theses. The centre is taken care of by regular staff of the Trust.


The Trust is managing a canteen to cater the requirement of staff and students in the campus.